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The Warrior Spirit is Common to All Cultures across the Globe

From the ancient Celtic warriors and Knights in shining armor of the west; to the Zulu and Bedouin warriors of Africa; to the Samurai, Kung Fu Masters, and Hwarang-Do of east Asia.   To modern battles, competition, and struggles of daily life, the warrior spirit infuses all walks of life and cultures across the globe.   WarriorWords.Net will offer products by and about warriors.   Stories, words, and pictures that celebrate the daily heroism of those that walk into and past their fears.   Bravery is not the absence of fear, but rather stepping forward and standing tall, despite the fear.   True Warriors know this.

Robert the Bruce: A Warrior's King

Our first book offering is "Robert the Bruce: A Warrior's King".   This book tells the story of Good King Robert's struggle for the crown and for Scots' independence.   In the tradition of ancient bards this story is told entirely in verse.   The author has striven to deliver poetry that reads easily in a straight forward manner.   Please let us know if you agree.


A maturing champion
Dominates a younger and reportedly stronger
Opponent that had been highly touted but will clearly take longer
To claim the prize and change the season

Of the man that beats him bad
This night not taking even one round
Out of five

But he did survive all five
While ultimately he couldn’t take the ground
But the champ was also glad

The fight ended when it did for good reason
For he was painfully hurt and didn’t know how much longer
His leg would have held up against this younger
Future champion

 by Glen Legus - © 7/11/09