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1 Glen Legus Robert the Bruce: A Warrior's King
Minneapolis, MN Snowy Owl Publications 2008 0615206999 Perfect New 5.5 x 8.5 Leland Brenholt (Cover Art) 

“In Robert the Bruce, Glen Legus has created a masterpiece in regards to his depiction of the Scottish Warriors through his usage of poetry. These Scottish Martial Artists (Warriors) have previously been depicted in film, and in print, but never have they shined so brightly as through the eloquent poetry of Glen Legus, a martial artist and warrior himself.

- Drew Arthur, Retired Deputy US Marshal, former Marine, Owner of Lone Star Mixed Martial Arts Gym, multi Disciplined Black Belt, and Security Consultant.


"In Robert the Bruce: A Warrior's King, Glen Legus relates the epic tale of the great Scottish hero and his fight for Scotland's independence in the Middle Ages. The free verse style gives the narrative a lyrical quality that makes an already dramatic story all the more engaging. Anyone who relishes a good adventure story will enjoy this book."

- John Clayton Thomas, Professor of Public Administration, Georgia State University, Author of Between Citizen and City & Big City Politics in Transition


“l am not a fan of poetry or free verse but once I started reading Glen Legus’ Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King, I couldn’t stop. This book is a powerful reminder that true warriors are men and women of honor and integrity who are ferocious in their battles, undaunted by their defeats, and compassionate in their victories. If you wear a uniform or carry a badge in defense of your country and its constitution, Robert the Bruce: A Warrior’s King should be the next book you read.”

- Michael W. Quinn, Minneapolis Police – Retired, International Ethics Lecturer, Author of Walking With the Devil: The Police Code of Silence.


This book tells the story of Robert the Bruce's struggle for the crown and for Scot's independence after Edward I of England usurped the Scots succession and turned Scotland into an English fiefdom. Robert the Bruce's incredible feats of valor are “incredible” and belong in the realm of "things that only happen in the movies.” Yet Robert’s story is in fact history, and though true his legend belongs with those of Hercules, Achilles, Beowulf, Arthur, and Lancelot. 
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2 Glen Legus A Warrior's Love: A Book of Love Poems
Minnesota, USA Snowy Owl Publications 2011 0615422896 Perfect New 5.5 x 8.5 Nichole Olsen 



A Warrior’s Love: A Book of Love Poems is a prolific collection of love poems that will provide something for every reader - those new to love, those worn out by love and those inspired by love. “While the Frog” and “Flush with Fantasy” are two of my favorites that demonstrate Glen’s insight and versatility as a writer.“
- Bridgid Dowdal: Assistant Dean, William Mitchell College of Law; Criminal Defense Attorney; Former Assistant U.S. Attorney


A Warriors Love by Glen Legus magnificently brings to us the true but often hidden loves of all warriors. It is a combination of these loves that makes us who we are. Dismissing personal sacrifice strong warriors do what needs to be done time and time again without praise or thought. As you read through A Warriors Love you begin to realize and cherish that in plain and simple actuality this is why we do what we do, no matter our chosen profession, each and every day of our lives. It is something all of us need to remember and thankfully we have authors like Glen Legus around to remind us.
- Steven K. Swensen: Director - Center for Judicial and Executive Security (CJES); Retired United States Marshals Service; Author of Court-Targeted Acts of Violence: A Study of Courthouse Shootings, Bombings, and Arson-Attacks from 1970-2009


Glen’s poems in A Warrior’s Love cause you to reflect upon the true meaning of life - love and its many wonders.
- R.J. Zayed: Attorney with Carlson, Caspers, Vandenburgh & Lindquist and Former Assistant U.S. Attorney


Glen Legus demonstrates his talent as a versatile writer. I enjoyed his previous works Robert the Bruce and Bridges Don’t Fall Down but his unique collection of love poems is amazing. I believe there is strength in tenderness and he captures this in A Warrior's Love. Mr. Legus, a strong warrior himself, embraces life and love, and draws out the yin and yang that exist in us all. These love poems will lift your spirit and touch your heart. Some poems will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some are so very romantic and tender, some elicit a hint of spice ... a little something for everyone. I believe tenderness gives one inner strength and peace. You will find it reading these poems. While all chapters are engaging, the chapters on family and friends are particularly inspiring and profound, as well as providing clarity of vision. Enjoy the poetic journey through the eyes of a true and tender warrior.
- Deb Bunkholt: Black Belt and Hapkido Instructor; Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board of Bloomington, Minnesota Public Schools; and Mother of Professional World Champion Kickboxer, C.B. Bunkholt


From the Foreword by Dr. Christine Jax:

“...for humanity and not just for himself. Glen clearly understands what drives mere mortals: the quest for love and the meaning of life. Through his poetry, Glen reaches our very souls because he is able to beautifully illustrate love...”

“Through A Warrior’s Love readers have the opportunity to explore their own loves and losses...”

“ will not find an insight into Mr. Legus, you will find an insight into yourself and love’s place in your journey...” 
Price: 20.00 USD
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3 Glen Legus and Karge Olsen Bridges Don't Fall Down: Stories from the I35W Bridge Collapse
MN Snowy Owl Publications 2008 0615235921 Perfect New 5.5 x 8.5 


All Author's royalties go to disaster victims.

On August 1, 2007 the unthinkable happened. The I35W Bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, a major arterial interstate bridge in a big American city. This doesn’t happen in the U.S. But it does.

This book is about that event and how it impacts the lives of those on the bridge that day. We tell the stories in verse of those on the bridge at that moment.

Mixed in with those individual stories is Karge Olsen’s experience as it unfolds over the year following the collapse. Karge shares his evolving month to month story of how that day changed his life, and how his life is now. He describes for us what he’s done and been through in the year since the collapse. Please remember that Karge’s narrative is only one man’s story of the struggle to survive, and to just get by, that has become the reality for those families that lost loves ones and for those seriously injured. That’s why Karge decided to share his experience. By telling his story he hopes you’ll have some idea of the enormity of this event for those whose lives are now forever changed.

Telling their story is also an effort to help.

Buying this book also means that you are helping.

Thank you. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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4 John Henderson Sinclair The Scattering of the Heather: Stories of the Sinclairs and Kin on Six Continents
Minnesota, USA Privately Printed 2010 0615383750 Perfect New 6 x 9 
The Scattering of the Heather tells the stories of the Sinclairs of Caithness who put down roots on far-flung frontiers in six continents over the past two centuries. These persons were not high ranking members of society but women and men whose lives were lived with dignity and honor. They have left their footprints as social, intellectual, and religious activists and have spread the seed of Scottish culture and values wherever it has found hospitable climate and soil. “What an absolutely delightful book! It gives life to people who otherwise would just remain names on charts. It brings ancestors back to life. I enjoyed immensely reading the book and would recommend as necessary reading for anyone with Scottish ancestry. Beautifully written, compelling, and a true delight to read.”—Margaret Sinclair Stokes, former chair of Clan Sinclair of Australia and noted family genealogist “A lovely narrative of a family history. The discovery of his origins in Caithness, Scotland, in the late-eighteenth century led the author on an intriguing quest. He traced his ancestors across oceans and continents—where they lived, their struggles and achieve-ments, their heartbreaks and victories. As a family historian, I’ve always thought that vital statistics kill interest except for the researcher. John has put flesh and blood on their bones and created heartbeats. Well done!”—Toni Sinclair, editor of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada’s newsletter Over the past two decades, John Henderson Sinclair has traveled far and wide throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the People’s Republic of China, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Great Britain, and North America, researching the lives of his scattered relatives. John Henderson Sinclair served in active ministry for forty years as a pastor, missionary, educator, mission board executive, and human rights advocate. He is the author of several missionary biographies, including El Escoces con Alma Latina on the life and work of theologian and missionary John A. Mackay. 
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5 Michael W. Quinn Walking with the Devil: What Bad Cops Don't Want You to Know and Good Cops Won't Tell You, The Police Code of Silence
Minneapolis, MN Quinn & Associates 2004 097591250X Perfect 

Walking with the Devil: What Bad Cops Don't Want You to Know and Good Cops Won't Tell You, The Police Code of Silence.

In Walking with the Devil Michael Quinn finally delivers to the public an understanding of the inevitability of a cops' "Code of Silence". He then insightfully and decisively details why we, as cops, must be better than that. This is a key resource for anyone baffled or frightened by police solidarity. It is an absolute must read for any cop that's ever questioned why we cover for each other, and wondered how we can do better. And that's all of the good cops I know.

Quinn's book shines a bright light on the underlying roots of the cop's "Us Against Them" mentality and shows us the way to uphold the ideals of why we got into this business in the first place without brutally betraying those we might depend on, in that back alley on some dark night. 
Price: 16.95 USD
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